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Description: Coming from a Talent Management background, there is a reason that most people are in the wrong job it has to do with the main tool we use as a society for job determination the RESUME. Until this outdated and ill used sytem is thrown to the curb there will continue to be companies that will direct people consistently to the wrong job. A resume in most cases tells what experience a person has not what they are capable of DOING or what they like to do. When choosing an assistant, make sure to grab one specifically for recruiting purposes. Then, when you begin your career, make sure to increase your charisma attribute points a little higher than the other points. Finally, recruit locally. If you do bring your dog to one of these parks when it covered in snow make sure to watch the pads on your dog's paws. They can get frostbite just like a person can get it. Dog shoes or a little bit of Vaseline is a great idea. The duration of the event varies, depending on several factors. M