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URL: http://www.axisandalliesworldclub.org/
Description: Love Flower beds unbeaten on 14 years husband bedside every day turn around, all around the floor wear white Chen Ping said, always thinking of his good heart, no matter, I'll guilty "cloudy, quick look, people come to see you." the man on the bed toward the eyeball reporter turn a bit, and stared at Chen Ping. Chen Ping patted his face and asked: "? cloudy, love your wife ah" "Love -" sounds very vague, then whining cry. man called Dragon its wins this year, 56 years old, Chen Ping's husband, Chen Ping used to call him cloudy. 14 years ago, the dragon wins because its an accident into a vegetative state. After that, Chen Ping hot diapers for her husband every day, rub the body, around the bed turn, a turn that is 14 years. 14 years, she only had two far out of the door, the floor around the bed all wear white. classmates and friends asked her not to keep for a lifetime. She answered frankly - always remember her husband's good will not give