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Title: healthy
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Description: 7. Lighten up. Start by being friendly to everyone. No one likes a sourpuss, so just lighten up and become someone who is easy to be around. People tend to like people who like them. Learning to like others will relieve a great deal of tension and stress in everyday life. Interestingly enough, if you follow the previous tips you will be amazed at how this one develops naturally. By becoming someone who others desire to be around you bring benefit to both them and yourself. You will soon find that those around you will begin to lighten up and model after you, even though they may not be aware that it is happening. Develop an attitude of pleasantness. 1. Be thankful. You and I both have circumstances in life that take a toll on us everyday. Most of the time we let negative circumstances get the best of us and our positive mental attitude takes a beating. Take a moment, several if necessary, and reflect on what you have to be thankful for. If you are having trouble getting sta