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The Nari Pages Website

Title: The Nari Pages Website
URL: http://nari.angelfire.com
Description: This is a personal academic website, which offers an assortment of material that has been compiled though undergrad, graduate school and beyond. You'll find information on the fight to restore basic consumer protections to student loans, an essay on intelligence studies, all you ever really needed to know about philosophy and a page dedicated to generation X and observations from that era. Social commentary continues in the form of art that is political but doesn't exclude women, zen inspiration and expressionism. My creative writing entails urban sci fi with shards of realness and poetry about whatever it was that plagued me in my 20's. In addition to that, you'll also find the extras section, which includes a hand drawn gaming map, one created with Campaign Cartographer 2 and a couple of other games involving probability and space invaders. The tutorials I have will clue you in on the basics of javascript, how to create math animations using Maplesoft software and why you should care about the golden mean on a page layout. What else do I have? Witty quotes about programming, links to other like-minded sites, a hard copy of my thesis, an SCA scroll theme, and the boring about me section.