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eyes hang up of Chou wear the Yuan is pure

Title: eyes hang up of Chou wear the Yuan is pure
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Description: concubine's request, and summoned Yuan to permit in person, felt not bad and spoke of words to be different from Yuan at least pure so Qiang person, the sometimes still spicy person descends not to come to Taiwan, this not, have attend to Yuan to permit a side imperial concubine of Imperial decree. Dark Wei Tan Te of say the news finding out with the Yuan Be pure to listen to, eyes hang up of Chou wear the Yuan is pure, fear Yuan pure in a pet faint dead in the past, affirmation of that next dead was also him, waited he to finish saying to a good half-day disappear Yuan pure have what facial expression, on the contrary corner of mouth one silk's smiling an idea don't almost frighten of he scares to death, the young daughter-in-law is all right, whether he should not tell the young daughter-in-law these matters, can young master before once said that the young daughter-in-law has an order to make an effort to do, not self-contradict? The Yuan is pure to have never said to make hi