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Air Max 2011 Pas Cher God“You should get r

Title: Air Max 2011 Pas Cher God“You should get r
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Description: God“You should get real about the extent of your vision . it does not penetrate the depths”Should John Jay explain what get real is and what are the depths Is he just using words with no meaning in the context he uses them“If it did you would know much more about where I am coming from than you do” Does John Jay know where he is coming fromYou should trade your know-it-all disposion for humility “John Jay John Jay replied to John Jay Sat 01 Dec 12 (06:09pm) To Jasper - Piers has just moderated over 900 contributions”Does John Jay know what percentage of the Australian voting population 900 is“This site is thriving” Does John Jay know that over 80% of the respondents on this site are the same repeat posters“This is the best site in Australia bar none and exists because of the very hard work and enormous dedication of Mr Piers Akerman” Does John Jay know that Piers is paid to post anti government stories else he would have support any legislation the Coalition has voted for“We are all